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Imvelo Blue Environment

Imvelo Blue is a fisheries consulting company that promotes sustainable fishing practices. With an excellent national and international reputation, the company seeks to innovate new ways to ensure compliance and best practices. We work together with them to offer monitoring, data collection and analytical services


Tidal Tao

Based in Ballito on the east coast, Michelle and her team offer snorkelling experiences with qualified field guides. We team up with her on our east coast citizen science tours to provide participants with the best local knowledge and snorkelling practices.


Sea The Bigger Picture

A group of ocean-loving and eager-to-learn individuals from the Western Cape, Sea The Bigger Picture aims to bring youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to the ocean to help them reconnect, learn, explore and help solve environmental issues.


Junior Gabela

Junior is a FGASA-accredited birder who leads his own bird-watching tours around northern KZN. He is an important part of our mangrove citizen science tours as his local knowledge and uncanny ability to spot birds is invaluable. He brings in a very unique aspect to our trips.


The Future Kids Club

Founded by Rocco, a young eco-conscious aspiring scientist, The Future Kids club is all about getting kids to think about their actions and to plan for an environment we actually want to inhabit in the future. He is great at getting his friends involved in ocean clean ups. Recently he wanted to help his friends connect more with the scientific side of things which is where we jumped in. Between the two organisations we're organising regular field trips with kids from all backgrounds.


Cape Town Environmental Education Trust

The Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) aims to support education, training and conservation initiatives specifically targeted at Cape Town's biodiversity and natural environment. Thanks to their contribution and support, we are able to improve our current marine outreach initiatives. 

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