Argonaut Science offers over 20 years of combined field, lab-based, and analytical experience to consulting projects. We have strong experience-driven technical knowledge, adaptability, and a willingness to find solutions. We are able to work extremely independently or as part of a team to understand a variety of habitats and to offer realistic solutions to both environmental problems and social-related issues. Our services include:

Water and sediment quality assessment

  • In situ physico-chemical measurement of water quality

  • Diurnal and seasonal data collection and analysis

  • Collection and assessment of surface water and pore water samples

  • Collection and assessment of soil characteristics through coring, grabbing or direct collection

Biodiversity assessment

  • Soft sediment benthic communities

  • Hard surface benthic communities

  • Pelagic community assessment 

  • Seagrass and reef communities 

  • Mangrove and saltmarsh surveys.

  • Freshwater, estuarine and marine fish, invertebrate, floral and  macroalgal communities 

  • Targeted surveys for species of conservation significance or for industry

  • Natural and anthropogenic drivers of diversity

Productivity assessment

  • Benthic chlorophyll and microalgal dynamics using coring sediment scrapes

  • Pelagic chlorophyll and microalgal dynamics using water collection and filtration

  • Calculating productivity and biomass in water bodies

Habitat complexity and ecology

  • Stable isotope analysis of diet and trophic level

  • Food web complexity

  • Niche occupation and overlap

  • Feeding ecology of invertebrate species

  • stages.Tolerance of invertebrate species to environmental change at various life

  • Population and community dynamics of invertebrates, mangroves and saltmarsh flora

Impacts of alien and invasive species

  • Population growth models

  • Chemical cue and competitive impacts to native fauna through in situ and lab-based studies

  • Change in habitat dynamics through sampling and modelling

Emergency evaluation

  • Physico-chemical and biodiversity assessment following emergency/abnormal events

  • Invertebrate ecology following environmental emergencies

  • Rehabilitation measures following environmental emergencies

Stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution

  • Thorough engagement with all stakeholders

  • Mediation and conflict resolution

  • Co-designed and managed conservation planning

  • Environmental/Conservation education and training workshops

  • Alternative livelihood planning

Continuous monitoring and reporting

  • Field visits weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually

  • Continuous analysis

  • Design and implementation of survey and monitoring programs

  • Baseline data collection and analysis for environmental impact
    assessments and surveys

  • Statistical analysis of physico-chemical, diversity, and ecological data

Technological solutions

  • Custom scientific sensory equipment and data-loggers 

  • Modular prototype development: IoE prototyping 

  • Automation, electronics and coding  

  • Calibration, maintenance, data validation


We have conducted research and specialised in freshwater and coastal environments such as estuaries, mangroves, lakes, rivers, ports and rocky shores for most of our careers. We have extensive technical knowledge and scientific skills, are extremely adaptable, and are committed to sharing knowledge on all levels. This includes scientists and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. We firmly believe in making scientific exploration more accessible to interested communities and individuals. Our services include:

Citizen science workshops

Field activities

Writing, research and editing

  • Discussion - the value of citizen science and how citizens can contribute

  • iNaturalist 

  • Citizen science microscope 

  • Bringing your own ideas to life

  • Rocky shore trips

  • Mangrove trips

  • Snorkel trips

  • Insect light and fruit trapping

  • Literature review - how to find real resources using accessible platforms. How to fact check.

  • Scientific writing rules and guidelines for different audiences.

  • Representing results in different formats

  • Editing services including English translation, grammar and spell-check



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Reg No: 2018/369924/07