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Argonaut Science (Pty) Ltd was created in line with the principles of sustainable development and the empowerment of Women, Youth and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). We offer over 20 years of combined field, lab-based, and analytical experience. Due to our extensive technical expertise and scientific skills, we are extremely adaptable, and are committed to sharing knowledge on all levels including scientists and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. We firmly believe in making scientific exploration more accessible to communities and individuals and as such aim to contribute to the development of scientific skills as well as aspects of the blue economy related to the use of resources in coastal and marine tourism and fisheries.

Our mission is to create a space where people can explore their natural environment in many different ways (i.e. scientifically, statistically, emotionally, visually, immersively) and to facilitate knowledge exchange between all stakeholders and interested parties.

We believe that science and exploration belong to everyone and hope that we can realise and perpetuate this philosophy. We are interested in the connections and relationships that exist among humans and the natural world. Always operating in accordance with high ethical and safety standards, we strive to maintain integrity, transparency and autonomy to minimize biases. A strong belief in collaboration, empowerment and upliftment means that we are constantly seeking ways to involve colleagues, create opportunities, and move forward together.





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Dr Nelson Miranda is a SACNASP Professional Natural Scientist and NRF-rated established researcher. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology, and a PhD in Biological Sciences from UKZN. His expertise lies in the ecology of alien invasive invertebrates including aquatic and terrestrial species, having published numerous articles and book chapters in ISI and DHET-accredited scientific journals earning him international recognition for these subjects. In addition to his outstanding academic background, he has valuable administrative and management skills, advanced technical skills and extensive research experience in remote areas. He has taught and mentored students at all stages of tertiary education and has discovered the importance of communicating science to citizens, giving people a chance to explore their environment, and allowing communities to take charge of science and exploration in their own environments. He is also a super scientist! See for more.

Dr Nasreen Peer holds a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from UKZN, a PhD in Zoology from NMU, and is a SACNASP-accredited researcher. She specialises in the diversity and ecology of aquatic invertebrates in a wide range of coastal and freshwater habitats, particularly in estuaries, rocky shores and mangroves. She is also an internationally recognised scientist for her excellent published works in invertebrate taxonomy, individual- and ecosystem-level food web dynamics, and biodiversity assessments. Nasreen’s interest in science communication and knowledge exchange is growing as she tries to incorporate citizens, indigenous communities and other researchers into each of her research projects. She believes that each person has something unique to offer about their environment and encourages every person to learn and research beyond just what is expected.

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