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We have extensive technical knowledge and scientific skills, are extremely adaptable, and are committed to sharing knowledge on all levels. This includes scientists and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. We firmly believe in making scientific exploration and education more accessible to interested communities and individuals. Our services include:

Citizen Science Workshops

Curriculum Development

Tutoring and Mentoring

  • Realize the value of citizen science and citizens contributions

  • iNaturalist 

  • Explore unseen worlds with a home-made microscope

  • Make your own data-logger gadget

  • Bringing your own ideas to life

  • From general to specialized topics in Science, Biology, Ecology, Marine Science

  • Integrate social and ecological sciences

  • Subject and lesson planning

  • Integration with ongoing informal assessments

  • Aligned with approved National Curricula

  • School-level, undergraduate and post-graduate

  • Literature review - how to find real resources using accessible platforms. How to fact check

  • Scientific writing rules and guidelines for different audiences

  • Editing services including English translation, grammar and spell-check

Field Activities

Staff Training and Team Building

Talks and Consults

  • Science Field Trips

  • Practical Exercises and Courses

  • Citizen Science Monitoring

  • Walking and Diving Tours

  • Engaging reality-based drills and exercises

  • Practical application of  problem-solving and learner-centered teaching principles

  • Safety and Security

  • Interact with Professional Natural Scientists and Entrepreneurs

  • Get specialist insights and expert knowledge 

  • Professional development and career advice

  • Science Communication

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