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Sea Bay


Argonaut Science offers over 20 years of combined field, lab-based, and analytical experience to consulting projects. We have strong experience-driven technical knowledge, adaptability, and a willingness to find solutions. We are able to work extremely independently or as part of a team to understand a variety of habitats and to offer realistic solutions to both environmental problems and social-related issues. Our services include:

Habitat Complexity and Ecology

  • Stable isotope analysis of diet and trophic level

  • Food web complexity

  • Niche occupation and overlap

  • Feeding ecology of invertebrate species

  • stages.Tolerance of invertebrate species to environmental change at various life

  • Population and community dynamics of invertebrates, mangroves and saltmarsh flora

Specialist Environmental Assessments

Emergency Evaluations

  • Ecological Impact of Alien Invasive Species

  • Neglected Tropical Diseases: Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia)

  • Basic Assessments (BA), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

  • Physico-chemical and biodiversity assessment following emergency/abnormal events

  • Invertebrate ecology following environmental emergencies

  • Rehabilitation measures following environmental emergencies

Stakeholder Engagement and Conflict Resolution

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

Technological Solutions

  • Thorough engagement with all stakeholders

  • Mediation and conflict resolution

  • Co-designed and managed conservation planning

  • Environmental/Conservation education and training workshops

  • Alternative livelihood planning

  • Field visits weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually

  • Continuous analysis

  • Design and implementation of survey and monitoring programs

  • Baseline data collection and analysis for environmental impact
    assessments and surveys

  • Statistical analysis of physico-chemical, diversity, and ecological data

  • Custom scientific sensory equipment and data-loggers 

  • Modular prototype development: IoE prototyping 

  • Automation, electronics and coding  

  • Calibration, maintenance, data validation

  • Database Design and Management

Water and Sediment Quality Assessments

Biodiversity Assessments

Productivity Assessments

  • In situ physico-chemical measurement of water quality

  • Diurnal and seasonal data collection and analysis

  • Collection and assessment of surface water and pore water samples

  • Collection and assessment of soil characteristics through coring, grabbing or direct collection

  • Soft sediment benthic communities

  • Hard surface benthic communities

  • Pelagic community assessment 

  • Seagrass and reef communities 

  • Mangrove and saltmarsh surveys.

  • Freshwater, estuarine and marine fish, invertebrate, floral and  macroalgal communities 

  • Targeted surveys for species of conservation significance or for industry

  • Natural and anthropogenic drivers of diversity

  • Benthic chlorophyll and microalgal dynamics using coring sediment scrapes

  • Pelagic chlorophyll and microalgal dynamics using water collection and filtration

  • Calculating productivity and biomass in water bodies

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