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A small South African science company, addressing innovation, industry, professional development and education. 



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Freediving course now available!

We are excited to finally be able to offer our PADI-accredited freediving course! As scientists we have found our freediver training to be extremely useful. Aside from holistically learning more about ourselves through breathwork and immersion, freediving presents yet another opportunity to observe the marine environment with minimal impact and disturbance while maintaining a high standard of safety. You can read more about it here

Field guided tours back up and running.

After some serious effort and hurdle-jumping, we have officially been registered as South African Tour Guides. It is not only necessary but also important to us that we run our business according to legal standards to ensure we are offering the best in terms of knowledge and safety. Taking into account COVID-19 regulations, we are slowly starting to offer our really cool scientist-led marine field trips! You can find out more here.

New innovative device aids in seabird conservation

The Bird Scaring Line Monitoring Device is returning promising data. We have even made the fishing industry news! Click here for the news article. We have come a long way since our first prototype. Nelson is pictured above with Musa Mbili, the observer who helped deploy the device prototype for the first time. Click here for more info on this collaboration with Imvelo Blue Environmental Consultancy.