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Depth Session Durban - Boat Trip

Freediving in open water and line diving 1 session

  • 1 100 South African rand

Service Description

Training session focused on deep freediving skills, particularly involving equalisation and depth adaptation. Includes gear hire, boat hire and Instructor safety. This session can count towards a freediving certification.

Cancellation Policy

We follow a no-refunds policy. No refund for online sessions and services (e.g.: eLearning). No refund will be issued if you cancel within 48h of the practical session start time. Advanced notice of at least 48h is needed for rescheduling. However, we will refund you if we cancel an event within 48h of the session and it is not feasible to reschedule.

About your Instructor.


I am a marine guide, PhD biologist, Rescue Diver and a Master Freediver Instructor. I also coach Freediving Athletes and have achieved a national record. My students often say that I am the most patient instructor. An intuitive teacher with a soft and humble approach. My personal story around water is one of loss, hardship and perseverance. My dream is to see all people realize the amazing African freediving history and collaborative power of communities.

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