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FREEDIVE with us
in Durban.

Book your Courses and Sessions.

Courses are made up of several sessions including theory (covered through online learning, independent study, as well as in person) and practical (pool, ocean, open water).

Sessions can be booked separately and usually last 2 to 3 hours. 


Molchanovs Courses

PADI Courses

Where we usually go.

After you book, your Instructor will contact you to confirm the specific location of your session, depending on weather and availability.


Blue Rock Resort is a sheltered location where we can get over 40 m depth. This is ideal for line - diving and depth skills development.


We do shore-entries in The Great African Sea Forest (e.g. Windmill, Water's Edge, Millers, Cosy Beach, Antipolis Wreck) and other spots depending on conditions. Else we work with local boat charters.


There are some great public pools at Sea Point and the indoor hearted Long Street Pool. If conditions are favorable, we sometimes also use tidal pools along the coast.


  • What if I just want to try Freediving out instead of taking a full course?
    We suggest you start by booking one of our sessions so you can get practical experience and advice. If you decide to continue with us, you can benefit from discounts through our loyalty program. When you pay for sessions with us, you can get discounts from the pricing plans! See how you can use and maximize your loyalty benefits on the loyalty program page!
  • Which certification course should I choose?
    With us you can currently choose between Molchanovs and PADI accredited courses. Molchanovs is focuses solely on Freediving, has the highest performance standards, and offers an education system that is continuously updated by Freedivers that are leaders in the sport. PADI is a well-known and recognised diving brand worldwide, primarily focused on SCUBA diving education, but also offering a wide variety of specialisations and Freediving accreditations with a style that is versatile and accessible. Please note that regardless of the education system you choose, your instructor will play an important and influential role in delivering critical insights and valuable lessons.
  • Can I cross over between freediving education systems?
    Yes, Instructors are able to accept students crossing over from different freediving eduction systems after an assessment of their freediving performance level. Please note that, although safety standards are similar across different education systems, particular minimum performance standards vary among different teaching systems. It is possible to further your freediving education by learning from various education systems (e.g. start with PADI Freediver and then cross over to Molchanovs Wave 2). Your Instructor will be able to assess your level during your booked session / course and advise you accordingly. With dedicated time and experience, under the guidance of Instructors, it is possible to progress from a Level 1 beginner to a Master Freediver. After this, you may take a course to become a Freediver Instructor yourself!
  • What if I don't meet the performance requirements during the course?
    If you don’t pass the performance requirements during the course you can come back and join our sessions until you do! You have 1 year to complete the requirements of a freediving course.
  • What diving equipment/gear do I need?
    We recommend you bring your own gear to the course or session anyway. You will need: A wetsuit Fins A mask and snorkel A weight belt Weights If you do not have your own gear, we can provide it for you. The cost of the gear hire is included in the cost of the course or session.
  • What else can I bring with me?
    Your own reusable water bottle Sun protection A hat Towel Swimming costume A jacket and dry set of clothes for after the session Snacks
  • Important things to consider before Freediving
    DO NOT SCUBA dive 24 hours before freediving DO NOT dive if you are congested DO NOT have a heavy meal before your dives DO NOT have any coffee or energy drinks before your dives
  • Can I book a private course for me and my friends and family only?
    The minimum number of people we can take per course is 3. So if you and your family and/or friends would like to have a private course (and you’re more than 3 people), then we can arrange a date exclusively for you. Please contact us to arrange this.
  • How do course sessions work and how long does it usually take to complete a certification course?
    When you book a course session on the booking system, you select the start date and time of your first 3 hour practical session (pool or open water). You can then attend the next consecutive sessions until you complete the course certification requirements. A level 1 beginner freediving certification ( e.g. Molchanovs Wave 1 or PADI Freediver) consists of a minimum of 4 practical sessions which can be completed over a single weekend. In this case you would book the Saturday morning session at the pool and also attend the Saturday afternoon pool session. Then you return on Sunday and complete the morning and afternoon open water sessions. If all goes well and you achieve all your requirements (including the self-study online learning) you will receive confirmation of certification! Because minimum performance requirements are harder to achieve the higher the freediving level, you can expect to take longer for level 2 advanced freediver (possible to do in a weekend after completing level 1, but more likely over a couple of weekends) and definitely longer for level 3 master freediver (typically at least 4 weeks of dedicated training). We do recommend that you take a full week to train and attend practical sessions or spread out your sessions over a couple of weekends. Everyone learns at a different pace and it is important to be patient with yourself. We never force our progression in Freediving. Some take days, others take months. We also encourage you to join a trained community and practicing Freediving together frequently.
  • What if I find sessions and courses too expensive?
    You will be able to get significant discounts if you take advantage of our loyalty program. Simply put, the more you engage with our services, and the more people you bring to our sessions, the cheaper the sessions and courses will become. Thanks to the power of community it is also possible to get people who can afford courses to sponsor some of your sessions. We at Argonaut Science believe Freediving should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We understand there are challenges in the way of the majority of people who want to access water safely. We believe the services we provide are very valuable and contribute to a fair development of business and culture involving people and water spaces. Our aim as a business is to find a fair balance of values. Therefore, we designed our loyalty program as a way to grow our business while affording significant discounts to those who cannot afford courses. We intend to balance the needs of our customers with the needs of our business through an economy of scale. See how our loyalty program works. Feel free to contact us for more details.
  • Medical and Liability paperwork and advice?
    Each participant is required to complete and submit medical and liability forms before the start of practical sessions. You can download these forms from the links below (choose the appropriate link depending on what session you are attending): o Argonaut medical and liability forms OR o Medical and liability forms for Molchanovs courses OR o Medical and liability forms for PADI courses You may complete forms electronically (using PDF fill and sign software), then send via email to or via WhatsApp to +27812171042 Carefully follow the instructions on the forms. Please note that your Instructor cannot advise you medically. If in doubt, it is best to consult with a medical doctor that can clear you for diving.
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Molchanovs Courses CPT

Molchanovs Courses.

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PADI Courses.

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